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Our Story

In 2022 Our Tomorrow was founded specialising in exclusive natural cleaning & property management.

The Vision; "I wanted to make a stance and a change to what I had experienced - why would I expect my valued staff and clients to continue to experience what I have over the past 10 years."

So we made a change and put a stop to these unconscious and harmful practices so many of us now consider “normal” in this fast-paced convenient consumer world we live.

Through extensive research into plant-based ingredients and drawing from expertise in the natural holistic world we have designed a divine range of products exclusively for Our Tomorrow.

The combination of botanicals and all plant-based ingredients will leave your space fresh, vibrant and healthy,

Because Our Tomorrow Starts Today, Simple.

Our Mission

We offer an exclusive cleaning and property management service, where our client’s health is our main priority alongside the highest of service standards. Through our vast research on sustainability & experience living an eco-friendly lifestyle, we have experienced the importance of living in a healthy home & working in a healthy office space and want to share this knowledge with you for your up-most health benefits.

Our practices & product range are 100% non-toxic, pet friendly, and natural-based which include therapeutic grade essential oils to nourish and assist the health of your space & body.

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Founder at Our Tomorrow Taylor

Taylor Jasmine

has long since lived a life with practices and values rooted in natural living in tune with the rhythms of our earth, always seeking the most simple and natural way to approach life taking it right back to basics.

With a background in hospitality and tourism, she has witnessed first-hand the over-use of chemical products in our everyday practices being exposed to them on a daily basis to the point of overwhelm to her health and observing the devastating impact this has on our environment.