Terms and Conditions of Business

Throughout this document:

  • “OT” or “We” refers to Our Tomorrow Limited and its’ employees & contractors.

  • The “client” or “you” refers to you the customer. 

  • The “service” refers to any agreed cleaning or/and arrangements as discussed between OT and the client.

  • The “parties” refers to the client and Our Tomorrow Limited together.

1.     Agreement

·       a) The OT terms and conditions of business constitute part of any business agreement with Our Tomorrow Limited (OT) and the client, unless otherwise specifically stated within an agreement between the parties.

·       b) Your agreement to these terms and conditions is signified by you, upon engagement for OT to provide you with a service. For example but not limited to, an acceptance of a quote, or an agreement of a start date for a regular or one-off service.

·       c) Updated terms and conditions shall come into force from the time and date specified or as they are posted on our website www.ourtomorrow.co.nz/termsoftrade whichever is most appropriate.

·       d) You the client may terminate this agreement, at any time by contacting us in writing to hello@ourtomorrow.co.nz Cancellation Policies (12) may apply.

2.     Service

·       a) “Service” refers to the provision of tasks agreed to be provided to the client by OT.

·       b) OT reserves the right to modify, change, postpone, or cancel any service or part of a service offered. 

·       c) Please note, the service information published online may not reflect the prevailing service, as agreed directly with clients on a case-by-case basis. 

·       d) OT accepts no liability due to any change to the service, or any suspension or revocation of access to the property or use of the service. The Cancellation Policy (12) may apply.

·       e) Recurring Services. A customer is free to pause or cancel any recurring service agreement. 24 hours’ notice is needed or the Cancellation Policy (12) may apply.

·       f) If a customer reschedules or cancels their service in full or part, this is treated as a cancellation and the Cancellation Policy (12) may apply.

·       g) OT will endeavour to send the same team member for every service. This is to ensure continuity and consistency and your individual service requirements are met. However, this is not always possible. We will endeavour to ensure any individual service requirements are discussed with the team member attending.

·       h) OT reserves the right to bring any of our employees or prospective employees to your home, during your scheduled appointment, for servicing and/or training.  Due to unique individual circumstances, this may not be suitable for all clients. Please contact OT if you need to discuss this.

3.     Duration of Services and Minimum Charges

     a) A minimum service charge of $120+gst applies for all regular recurring services; for example, but not limited to, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and all one-off services. 

·       b) Each unique home that we service varies in the amount of time it takes to clean. We cannot guarantee an exact arrival and/or departure time. You may indicate a preference and we will endeavour to accommodate this. 

·       c) It is typical for the first few services to take extra time. This is standard while the team becomes familiar with the most efficient way to clean the area. Please allow an extra 30-60 minutes for the first two or three services.

·       d) While every effort will be made to clean your house on the scheduled day, circumstances may arise which may prevent the service from being carried out; for example but not limited to a natural disaster, extreme weather, or sickness/illness from the OT team e.g. Covid-19. OT will endeavour to reschedule the service as soon as mutually possible.

4.    Responsibilities of the Client

·       a) Please ensure that the property is safe for OT team to access and work safely in. For example but not limited to; animals secured away from the work area, property and home need to be safely accessible.  For any temporary issues (e.g. illness within the household, or tradesmen on site etc) please contact OT. Cancellation Policy (12) may apply if the worksite is not accessible.

·       b) OT team reserve the right to cancel a service if the home or property is deemed unsafe.
This could be due to, but not limited to; illness within the household, hygiene, and physical safety. If this occurs, the reasons for the cancellation will be documented, and the Cancellation Policy (12) will apply.

5.    Assignment

·       a) OT reserves the right to sub-contract or assign the agreement or any part of the agreement. OT will communicate any relevant information to the client at the appropriate time.

6.    Communication

·       a) OT will contact current and future clients via phone call, email or text message, in regards to the services provided. 

·       b) OT accepts no responsibility for any fees incurred when communicating with OT.

·       c) You may communicate information and feedback regarding the performance of the service received via text, phone or email.  Any complaints must be followed up in writing, as per Disputes Resolution 9.1  

7.     Disclosure of confidential information

·       a) At all times, both parties must keep information confidential and private.  Neither party will directly or indirectly make or allow any disclosure, or use of any confidential information, except to the extent that the parties agree, and are required by law. This includes all personal information held; for example, but not limited to, email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, and names of parties involved. 

8.    Return of property

·       a) On termination of the agreement, OT and the client will each immediately deliver to the other all property in their power, possession or control which belongs to the other party. For example, but not limited to, if OT should hold a client’s keys for access to the worksite.

9.    Dispute resolution

·       a) If any dispute arises out of, or in connection with this agreement between the parties, neither party is to commence proceedings relating to the dispute unless that party has complied with the provisions of clause 9.1

·       9.1) If a party believes there is a dispute in relation to the agreement then:

·       They will notify the other party in writing, giving details of the dispute, within 7 day of the incident which provokes the dispute, either the date of the service provision or date of invoicing.

·       The dispute will promptly be referred to a senior representative of each party for resolution by negotiation within 3 business days.

·       During any dispute process, the parties shall continue to comply with their respective obligations and may exercise their respective rights under the agreement as if the dispute had not arisen.

10. Pricing

·       a) OT may update quoted pricing for any service booked within reasonable notice to the client. Please note any pricing information published online may not reflect the prevailing pricing as agreed through offers to individual clients are on a case-by-case basis.

·       b) If you have purchased our Deep Clean or End of Tenancy Clean Services, the price you have been quoted are based on the assumption that the premises are in a reasonable state and the services can readily be provided. If we consider that this is not the case our quote will not apply, and we reserve the right to not provide the services in which case we will provide you with a refund less $120+gst deducted for travel and other booking expenses incurred.

11.  Invoicing and Payment Terms

·       a) First time customers may be required to make payment in advance of the first service being completed to confirm their scheduled service. Payment will be made via direct bank transfer to OUR TOMORROW LIMITED – BNZ bank – 02-0432-0188529-000 

·       b) All payments must be made within 7 days of invoice.  Failure to do so may result in a 3% per week late payment penalty.  Recurring and regular clients are welcome to discuss payment options with the Director directly.

·       c) Payments must be made for any previous invoice before subsequent services will be carried out, unless directly agreed with OT. 

·       d) Failure to make payment in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Business, OT may transfer or authorise any third party (“Debt Collection Agency”) of its choosing to seek payment of the outstanding debt.

·       e) Any invoices more than 1 month outstanding will automatically be forwarded to the a third party Debt Collection Agency.

·       f) In addition, the other party will be liable to pay for any costs or loss incurred by OT, or the debt collection agency required to enforce payment in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Business.

·       g) Automatic payments for regular services are preferred. Should there be any changes to the services, e.g. reschedule due to Public Holiday, any payments made will either be held as a credit on the account, or refunded. This will be discussed with the client at the time.

12.  Cancellations 

·       a) If a customer reschedules or cancels their service in full or part, this is treated as a cancellation.  Fees for a service booked may not be fully refundable. 

·       b) A minimum of 24 hours’ notice of cancellation should be provided. If so, the client will not be invoiced.

·       c) Cancellations, reschedules or changes to services notified between 24 hours and 12 hours prior to the service being carried out, will be charged at 50% of the usual service provided, or the agreed service that was scheduled to be provided, whichever is applicable.

·       d) Cancellation, reschedules or changes to services notified less than 12 hours prior to the service being carried out will be charged at 75% of the usual service provided, or the agreed service that was scheduled to be provided, whichever is applicable.

·       e) Services cancelled by OT due to clause 4 not being met (for example but not limited to if a OT team member arrives on site and must cancel due to Health and Safety reasons), clients will be charged at 100%  of the usual service provided, or the agreed service that was scheduled to be provided, whichever is applicable.

13.  Referral Programme.

·       a) Existing clients may refer a person to OT.  The client may receive a $50 credit on their next clean after their referral has paid for their first service.

·       b) The new referral will receive a $50 discount on their first clean.

·       c) The credit will be applied to an existing account of the client and cannot be exchanged.

·       d) OT reserves the right to amend or discontinue the referral programme at any time.

14.  Protection and Insurance

  • a) OT offers a satisfaction guarantee with all services, any disputes must be notified within 48 hours of service completion and 7 working days are allowed to rectify your service to a reasonable standard as offered in your quote.

  • b) OT holds public liability insurance – limit of indemnity $5 Million.

  • c) All staff and contractors hold current clear New Zealand police clearance.


Updated: 26th July 2023